Thursday, October 31, 2002

Yeah. So I started a trendy blog thing that I will keep up with for about three days then forget about it. Last night was exciting, well.... kind of. It was a good friend of mines Birthday. Lauren turned 20. It started out as a normal Donny night. Making conversations with random people at the coffee place. I had cooked dinner for my parents and I blew a "J" on the way over. When I got there Mike was mad at me for some reason. I confronted him about it and he was disgruntled because I had accidently told a few people that the halloween party that I was having would be that night. It is actually the night after (tonight). But I guess some people had already dropped by my house and tried to see if I was there. You see boys and girls, dont trust time and date information from a person that has had a little to much to smoke. We all know that Tuesday night at my friends house is the international puff time. But anyways, I apologized to Mike. Something I try not to do, and then Jeremy suggested we head over to Laurens. So there was a small convoy of domestic automobiles headed over there. After a quick stop at Wal-Mart (i like to call it heaven) we went to laurens. When I walked into her house she quickly notified me that I could drink because I couldnt get drunk there. I guess last time I threw a 40oz of Malt or something. Anyways... my Eagle scout friend Mike slipped me four Buds so I was very happy. Then pizza and we played have/have not. With funny questions I found out that 2 of my friends are virgins, Lauren doesnt use dildos and Ashley uses way to much lubricants during sex. Oh and Tike is a rim job dispensing penis breathed man whore. If you are a female reading this ======== or anything with an orfice
I Issue this caution: DO NOT LET THIS MAN HIT ON YOU:

Yeah so other than that on the way home I was tailed by a cop for 10 minutes. I wasnt doing anything wrong, but it's scary. Oh well no hot water at the apartment complex. Bitter cold showers.... eh. till next time kids .. and remember to pass the joint.